I graduated from Florida State University and moved to Arlington, Virginia to continue my education at George Mason University. After completing my graduate studies as a Mercatus Center MA Fellow at George Mason, I moved to the midwest to pursue my new career!

I am the Program Manager at the Institute for Economic Inquiry at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. I help coordinate events, assist in reading groups and the overall development of our student and faculty programs. I also am an instructor of economics at the Heider College of Business.

My passion for economics has put me on a mission to communicate complex ideas in a manner understandable to the uninterested (and the disinterested) citizen. As an instructor, my aim is to impart the economic way of thinking, or EWOT, to each and every one of my students. Not only will this illuminate the things we normally take for granted, but it will help students use the powerful tools of economics to answer the tough questions when they inevitably arise in their lives. Understanding economics can help increase the level of decision-making and quality of life we all strive to attain.

I am biased. I would consider myself a classical liberal in that I am committed to individualism, liberty, and equal rights. As a second-gen Cuban, the principles and ideas that presuppose classical liberalism have resonated profoundly with me and the economics allows me to use logic and empirical analysis to perpetuate these ideas.

‚ÄčI have a beautiful wife, Olivia, who has been by my side since January of 2014. She has a B.S. in Economics from Florida State University and is a Salesforce Consultant, Administrator, and Developer with Plutus NonProfit Solutions. We have two awesome dogs. Meera is a sweet Belgian Malinois/Husky Mix and Becker, named after the Nobel laureate Gary Becker, is a fun Border Collie/Shepherd/Labrador Mix. We are followers of Christ, to Whom we give all the glory.